Why BIPV is so important?
landmark COP26 Climate Summit, the urgent need to reduce carbon output is at the forefront of global consciousness. As tackling the climate crisis becomes increasingly urgent, so too does the need to fundamentally rethink how we build.Between the significant energy required for heating, cooling and maintenance, as well as the upfront carbon cost of construction, the building industry requires transformative change.Through the large-scale adoption of integrated solar technology, the building industry can take a vital step to protecting the planet — for decades to come. By providing an affordable and sustainable source of electricity, our thin film CdTe solar panels cladding solutions serve to decarbonize energy consumption , all while providing a thermally efficient building envelope.
Advantages of Thin Film CdTe Solar Panels
CdTe thin film modules have a high efficiency and a proven-excellent record on power generation performance. Comparing to crystalline silicon solar module, for examples, in China general illumination, CdTe thin film module generates 5-10% more and 20-30% more in any country always cloudy or with very high temperature for an average of electricity each year. You can see the advantages of thin film solar modules as follows;

Excellent Power Generation Performance

High conversion efficiency,

Excellent low-irradiance effect,

Low hot spot effect,

Minimal breakage rate,

Excellent appearance.

Many Applications
You can integrate our CdTe Thin Film Solar Panels into any of your rooftops, house or building walls or solar farms......etc. Do not waste any space to use solar system. The more we use solar clean energy the less pollution on earth. So if you have any space where you live or building or any available space, you shall think about install our solar panels to general power.